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Ballmastrz: 9009 is an American Animated television program that broadcasts on Adult Swim. Created by Christy Karacas, whom is also known for the creation of SuperJail!, Ballmastrz is a small, yet loved cartoon, featuring the familiar fast and flashy animation also seen in SuperJail.

Ballmastrz: 9009: About

Set in the year 9009, the world revolves around one sport; The Game. Revolving around the three main rules, the game was created to put a stop to the “Rad Wars”, a large, catastrophic conflict that nearly obliterated all life. The Three Rules of The Game; Use the ball to kill, Use the ball to score, Thanks to the game there’s no more War! A well known The Game player, Gaz Digzy is a member in the most successful and popular teams in the sport; The Boom Boom Boys. Nearly every game, though, Gaz is the one to carry her team and make all the goals and kills. With this becoming boring to her, she begins to rampage through the fields of sin after an easy victory against the most despised team; The Leptons. These actions tarnish her reputation, as she is seen on the evening news, and is even sent to ‘celebrity rehab’ in order to help with her drug and alcohol addictions (which she was later kicked out of). Being saved by Crayzar, the original creator of the games, Gaz is given an offer. She can either leave The Game and her team, or help The Leptons win ONE game and get the opportunity to return to her old team. Hesitantly, she accepts, and is placed onto the team.

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